SFL015 – Drew’s Theory & Bliss – “Lemonade”

Drew’s Theory and Bliss end summer on a sweet note with the 15th release from Signaflo. Deep and lulling, “Lemonade” works the lowest ends of the sound spectrum. Signaflo boss SOMEJERK serves up a chunky remix, conjuring the spirits of hardcore funk Gods. The Illuminated (Dyzz, Rebus & Vence) bless the dance with a minimal […]

SFL009 – somejerk & Drew’s Theory – “Break Legends”

In the beginning, there was a vibration. From this single vibration all things came to existence. There are many stories, fables and legends that try explain the beginning of the Universe, but none can begin to explain what the initial vibration was caused by and what created the break in symmetry that perpetuates our existence […]

SFL003 – “Ruffington Dub” & “Miami”

Signaflo’s third release bares two heavy dubstep tracks from label boss somejerk. “Ruffington Dub” is exactly what it’s name says it is! It’s heavy driving bassline pushes the track along, slowly revealing layer after layer of synths and syncopated percussion. As per the Miami-based producer’s signature style, the second drop switches up the pace, making […]

SFL002 – somejerk – “Rising Down” & “Black & Blue”

Signaflo’s second release – melodic but heavy dubstep. Influenced by grime, trap, hiphop & metal, somejerk fuses the styles into something new. “Rising Down” has a gritty synth lead that is accompanied by syncopated high hats, a soaring electric guitar & heavily filtered bass line. “Black & Blue” has a massive lead bass line that […]

SFL001 – somejerk – “Tropikilla EP”

The tropical heat of South Florida has lead to the birthing of many bastard offspring of Miami Bass music. In 2012 the sound of reggae, dancehall, dubstep, jungle and reggaeton have fused, creating something new from something old and familiar. somejerk is Miami, and he has demonstrated the culmination of these flavors in the first […]