SFL014 – Skinny Hendrix ft The Juicebox & DJ Immortal

Miami’s multicultural melting pot often yields unique fusions of art, culture and music. When Skinny Hendrix and The JUiCEBOX produced “Broccoli Man” and had DJ Immortal lay down a few cuts, the weird-hop anthem was born. Label boss somejerk ups the BPM to footwork tempo, upping the low end creating a kinetic dance floor filler. […]

SFL010 – Drew’s Theory “Envious” EP

Influenced by the vibes of DJ Krush, Nightmares On Wax and Lee “Scratch” Perry, Philadelphia born producer Drew Anthony creates a sensory experience with every carefully-crafted track. Inspired by living in the city and the culture of the music, Drew’s sound can be be described as deep, raw and unique. Now residing in Miami, Drew […]

SFL009 – somejerk & Drew’s Theory – “Break Legends”

In the beginning, there was a vibration. From this single vibration all things came to existence. There are many stories, fables and legends that try explain the beginning of the Universe, but none can begin to explain what the initial vibration was caused by and what created the break in symmetry that perpetuates our existence […]

SFL008 – Dave Shichman & somejerk

A deep connection from New York to Miami has seemingly always existed. Both cities have had an unparallelled influence on art and culture, and musically, the two are just short of being blood siblings. In the 1980’s the two fed off of each other; as hip hop was born in New York combining the various […]

SFL006 – “Overtown EP” ft Stereotype, Graphs, somejerk

Signaflo’s signature sound expands to new tempos with it’s latest release. Stereotype’s “Overtown Dub” is dark and minimal, rolling out future-tribal percussion and a chilling lead melody. Native to Miami and known for his unique style in drum and bass production, Stereotype’s auditory tribute to one of the roughest parts of Miami is heavy on […]

SFL005 – “Bubble Bobble” / “Bolivia”

Signaflo’s latest serving – two boiling hot trap beats from Orlando, Florida producer and DJ, Winston Wolfe. “Bolivia” has a bubbly synth lead with aggressive 808 drums and snare rolls that call out like shots from the wrong side of the block. “Bubble Bobble” keeps the peak hour rave vibe rolling with an even more […]