SFL013 – somejerk – “Shift” – remixes by Pawn, DLX, Iyer, Knoxz, Akrophobia

Miami’s somejerk (somejerk.net) crafted “Shift” as a tribute to the golden age of drum and bass music; any old school head can pick apart the influences and clear nodding-of-head in sample selection, rhythm and vibes.

“The track represents an actual ‘shift’ in my production efforts; I feel like I was once randomly creating things in the process of learning about music production, but I have shifted to a very conscious state of work.”

The thirteenth release for Signaflo, “Shift” marks a milestone of three years worth of bass music from the Miami-based label.

“The mission for Signaflo now is to cross-pollenate genres and BPM’s by having my producer friends from around the world remix my music and the label’s roster of artists, which is steadily growing.”

With recent releases from Drew’s Theory, Dusty Ohm’s and and many other up and coming producers, the label continues to span tempos and continents, calling upon creative minds from all around the world. “Shift” in particular, boasts remixes from Pawn, DLX, Iyer, Druthers & Drips, Akrophobia and Knoxz.

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