SFL008 – Dave Shichman & somejerk

A deep connection from New York to Miami has seemingly always existed. Both cities have had an unparallelled influence on art and culture, and musically, the two are just short of being blood siblings. In the 1980’s the two fed off of each other; as hip hop was born in New York combining the various demographics of city folk, unique renditions of the culture were also birthed in Miami. There was a bit of cross pollenating as musicians, artists and other cultural entities went back and forth, sharing energy and influence that has now spread worldwide.

Both cities represent a fusion of demographics, of styles and of ideas. Dave Shichman represents New York, as owner of Drive A.M., the premier North American DnB artist management, record label and production company, and long time resident of the world-famous Direct Drive party. Releasing music on his own imprint, Driven AM Recordings as well as a number of other labels, his style is typically geared more towards the tempo and style of liquid drum and bass, but this special release is a deviation.

Miami’s somejerk started Signaflo in 2012 as an outlet for his multi-genre music production and as a platform for cultivating music with other artists. Always keeping the vibe bass heavy and strictly underground, John ‘somejerk’ Gregory has been working full steam ahead releasing dubstep, garage, moombahton, DNB and jungle on his own terms, despite the devastatingly trendy nature of his homeland of Miami. As head of the Music Production Department at the Scratch Academy, his influence is now reaching an even broader range of minds.

Dave Schichman and somejerk have quite a bit in common, at the very least, a deep and profound love for music. “Blue Shift” and “Exactly Where You’re Going” were both started by Dave in his off time from producing drum and bass. Once John heard the two, he knew a collaboration would be in order and began contributing his ideas, meticulously layering his own influence into the dubstep tempo beats.

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